Pallet Jack

  • High Lift Truck JL
  • High Lift Truck JL
  • High Lift Truck JL
  • High Lift Truck JL
High Lift Truck JLHigh Lift Truck JLHigh Lift Truck JLHigh Lift Truck JL

High Lift Truck JL

  • 1, Double Piston Cylinder;
  • 2, Reinforced Frame;
  • 3, Standard PU wheel, Plastic Handle
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: capacity 1000kg, 1500kg; Min. height 85mm; Fork size: 520/540x1150mm, 680/685x1220mm; customized fork length 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm;

High Lift Scissor Pallet Truck
New design with larger piston offer you real 1000kg and 1500kg capacity
▲Extremely easy to pump and light make this unit very suitable as combined hand pallet truck and lift table.
▲ Quick-lift as standard with automatic transfer to normal lifting with loads over 150kg.
▲ Automatic descending speed control by a uniquely hydraulic valve,the decending speed always keeps same regardless the truck with or without load. lt will prevent cargo damage from fast descending.
▲ Front support legs and adjustable stabilizers extended to the floor automatically when the forks reach a height of 420mm, to ensure maximum stability and optimum braking.
▲ Ergonomic warm handle offers you simple and comfortable operation.
▲ Heavy duty design: 4mm steel plate fork frame and larger lift piston ensure the truck to reach rated capacity.
▲ Conforms to EN1757-4.