Pallet Jack

  • Pallet Tilter LT
  • Pallet Tilter LT
  • Pallet Tilter LT
Pallet Tilter LTPallet Tilter LTPallet Tilter LT

Pallet Tilter LT

  • 1, High Quality Cylinder;
  • 2, Reinforced Frame;
  • 3, Standard PU wheel
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: capacity 1000kg; Min. height 85mm; Max. Vertical height 8285mm; Tilting Up 90°, Fork size: 560x800mm.

Pallet Tilter Positioner Pallet Truck
▲ Designed to alow the user to ergonomically reach loads easily without having to bend down or over-stretch.
▲ Handle can be turned and locked in position away from the work area.
▲ Applies to both sitting and standing positions.
▲ Forks can be tilted up to 90°.
▲ Both are supplied as standard with parking brake and foot protectors.
▲ Conforms to EN1757-1 and EN1175.

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