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  • Beam Clamp BCB
  • Beam Clamp BCB
Beam Clamp BCBBeam Clamp BCB

Beam Clamp BCB

  • 1, Most popular and best selling;
  • 2, Capacity options 1000-10ton;
  • 3, Beam width 75-320mm;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 1000kg/2000kg/3000kg/5000kg/10000kg; Flange width available: 75-220mm/80-320mm/90-320mm;

Manual Beam Trolley Clamp Beam Clamp
▲ Capacity 1 to 10 ton.
▲ Clamp jaw is designed to reduce flange stress by distributing load away from I-beam flange edge.
▲ Can be mounted easily with threaded handle.
▲ Fits a wide range of flange widths and beams.
▲ Suspension bar provides lower headroom.
▲ Customer's specification or OEM is avaliable.
▲ Conforms to CE safety standard.
▲ Conforms to ANSI/ASME safety standard.

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