Electric Pallet Truck

  • Guard Electric CBR
Guard Electric CBR

Guard Electric CBR

  • 1, Both lifting & driving by battery;
  • 2, AC driving system, EPS system
  • 3, Curtis controller; ,maintenance-free battery;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 2000kg; Min.height 85mm, Max. height 205mm; Fork Type: 550/600x1150mm; 650/685x1200mm;

AC EPS Powered High Speed Electric Pallet Truck
▲ High driving speed 11km/h.
▲ ESP system, mute, energy saving, light.
▲ AC driving system, brushless, maintenance free.
▲ US Curtis AC driving control system.
▲ Emergency reserving device and emergency brake switch.
▲ Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system.
▲ Excellent design, easily in and out of the double tray pallet.
▲ Half a cockpit design, care for safety.
▲ Options: side-way battery 280Ah.

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