Electric Pallet Truck

  • Pallet Inverters EPD
  • Pallet Inverters EPD
Pallet Inverters EPDPallet Inverters EPD

Pallet Inverters EPD

  • 1, Both driving and lifting by battery
  • 2, AC driving system,
  • 3, Curtis controller; Free-maintenance Battery;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 1000kg/1500kg; Min.height 85mm, Fork open 800-1200mm, 900-1500mm;

Portable Pallet Inverters
▲ Can be used as a power pallet truck,pallet tilter/reverser and trun table.
▲ When it tilts up,it serves as a work table to blow and dry paper in vertical.
▲ Specially designed for carrying,rotating printing paper and other materials.