Scale Pallet Truck

  • High Lift HBW
  • High Lift HBW
  • High Lift HBW
High Lift HBWHigh Lift HBWHigh Lift HBW

High Lift HBW

  • 1, High Lift Truck with scale;
  • 2, High quality indicator & single sensor;
  • 3, Accuracy 0.5%;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Weighing capacity 1000kg, Min.height 85mm, Max. height 800mm; Fork Type: 560x1190mm, 680x1190mm;

High Lift Scissor Weighing Scale Pallet Truck
▲High lift scissor truck with scale.
▲Lower battery warning & auto shut off function.
▲Tolerance: ±2 - 5 kg.
▲Single - sensor.
▲NO AA Batteries for electric high lift scissor.
▲Patent Pending.