Mobile Lift Table

  • Table Tilter XL
  • Table Tilter XL
Table Tilter XLTable Tilter XL

Table Tilter XL

  • 1, Mobile Tilting Table;
  • 2, Manual Type;
  • 3, 4-swivel rollers with brake;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 150kg, Platform size 510x410mm, Lifting height 700-1070mm;

Adjustable Work Table Tilter
▲ Reduces strain-positions your work at the precise height and angle you select.
▲ Choose table height range 510-700mm or 720-1070mm great for dies, mould, parts bin, etc.
▲ Lightweight, mobile, all-steel construction.
▲ Platform can be set at various heights and tilted to a certain angle to reduce strain and overexertion.
▲ Telescoping shaft with safety lever secures the work positioners to the height you want.
▲ Four swivel casters marking the work positioners extremely easy to maneuver.
▲ Angle of table is adjustable from 0-40°.
▲ A valve core for pneumatic purpose.