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  • Horizontal Clamp HDA
Horizontal Clamp HDA

Horizontal Clamp HDA

  • 1, Most popular and best selling;
  • 2, Capacity options 500-10000kg;
  • 3, Beam width 0-100mm;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Load Capacity: 500kg/1000kg/2000kg/3200kg/5000kg/8000kg/12000kg/16000kg/20000kg/30000kg; Jaw opening: 0-50mm/50-90mm/60-100mm;

Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp
▲ Suitable for lifting and transport of steel plates construction and profiled bar in horizontal position. 
▲ Manufactured from high quality carbon steel. 
▲ Avoid snatch or shock loading. 
▲ Must be used in pairs for horizontal lifting. 
▲ IHPC15 has spring close,IHPC30 and IHPC50 has spring open. 
▲ Conforms to AS4991-2004. 
▲ Meets ASME B30.20s.