Hoist & Trolley

  • Electric Hoist MS
  • Electric Hoist MS
  • Electric Hoist MS
Electric Hoist MSElectric Hoist MSElectric Hoist MS

Electric Hoist MS

  • 1, Most popular and best selling;
  • 2, Capacity options 125-2000kg;
  • 3, 3-phase 220V-460V;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 125kg/250kg/500kg/1000kg/2000kg; Lifting height standard 3m, optional 4m/5m/6m; Electric Trolley is optional;

Electric Chain Hoist
▲ BM electric chain hoist can be installed onto the KBK orbit of standard components.
▲ Control cable length can be adjusted, control pendant always in the most appropriate location.
▲ Control pendant is humanized design, comfortable feeling, avoid operation fatigue.
▲ Fastly replace chain guide and reduce downtime.
▲ 24V control voltage is more safety.

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