Winchs & Lashing

  • Electric Winch KDJ
Electric Winch KDJ

Electric Winch KDJ

  • 1, Most popular and best selling;
  • 2, Capacity options 250 - 500kg;
  • 3, With 58m rope;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Load Capacity: 250kg/500kg; Wire rope length 58m;

Electric Winch
Drum transmission structure: it adopts 2-level gears transmission way. with simple construction and  convenient manufacturer.
Wire Rope Fixing: add one PT screw on the drum, it's more safer than normal wire rope fixing. it can ensure no escape of wire rope from the drum.
Brake mechanism:it adopts electromagnetism brake,Select wearable brake's very simple,no need to adjust the clearance,Brake will automatically apply in the event of power cut.It can control the drop distance of heavy load,safe and reliable.
Gear Box:made of high-quality steel.Pass heat treatment and high precision has the features of wearable,low noise,high driving efficiency and good performance.
Control system:handle switch is low and reliable.