Drum Truck

  • Drum Positioner
  • Drum Positioner
  • Drum Positioner
Drum PositionerDrum PositionerDrum Positioner

Drum Positioner

  • 1, Forklift used type;
  • 2, For both steel/plastic drum 210L;
  • 3, Easy to operate;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 400kg;

Drum Positioner Lift
▲ For manipulating 210 litre steel or L and XL ring.
▲ Steel drums from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa.
▲ Hinged tines lock automatically when lowered to ground in horizontal position.
▲ Ideal for loading/unloading drums stored horizontally on drum racking and stands.
▲ Suitable for loading drums onto vehicles.
▲ Completely mechanical operation.
▲ Can be operated without the driver leaving the seat of the truck.
▲ Easy-to-learn operating technique, written instructions provided.