Drum Truck

  • Drum Truck DT400
  • Drum Truck DT400
  • Drum Truck DT400
Drum Truck DT400Drum Truck DT400Drum Truck DT400

Drum Truck DT400

  • 1, Hydraulic Drum Truck;
  • 2, For steel drum 210L;
  • 3, Ergonomic drum handler;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 400kg;

Ergonomic Drum Handler
▲ Engonomically lifts, transports, and places poly, steel or fiber drums on or off pallets.
▲ A spring-loaded clamp securely holds any rimmed drum.
▲ It has swivel steering wheels for easy positioning and precision roller bearing load wheels from maximun stability.
▲ Legs adjustable for different pallets. Handles 55-85 gallon drums.

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