Drum Truck

  • Drum Truck DTR250
  • Drum Truck DTR250
Drum Truck DTR250Drum Truck DTR250

Drum Truck DTR250

  • 1, Hydraulic Drum Truck;
  • 2, For steel drum 210L;
  • 3, Optional for ;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 250kg; Inner width 850mm;

Hydraulic Drum Truck DTR250
▲ Ideal for lifting and transporting steel drums with a top lip.
▲ Straddle leg for picking up drum from a Euro Pallet.
▲ Spring-loaded steel jaws securely grip the top lip of the drum.
▲ Simple design is easy to use;unit features a manual mechanical hand ratchet crank lift mechanism.
▲ Includes two rigid and one locking swivel caster.

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