Forklift Attachments

  • Fork Extension EX
  • Fork Extension EX
Fork Extension EXFork Extension EX

Fork Extension EX

  • 1, Forklift used;
  • 2, Upto different fork size, length;
  • 3, High quality steel material;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: capacity according to forklift's; Length 48'', 60'', 72'', 82'', 84'', 96'';

▲ The simple but effective way of lengthening your forks to handle longer loads safely, without damage to the load.
▲ Heavy duty steel construction,fit onto forks up to 50mm (2")thickness.
▲ Steel retaining strap prevents forks extensions from sliding off forks during use.
▲ Options for semi-enclosed type and fully-enclosed type.
▲ Sold by pairs.