Mobile Lift Table

  • Screw Mandrel MLT
  • Screw Mandrel MLT
Screw Mandrel MLTScrew Mandrel MLT

Screw Mandrel MLT

  • 1, Mobile Screw Mandrel Lift Table;
  • 2, More sizes platform;
  • 3, PU wheels;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 1000kg; Platform size 915x610mm, 1065x610mm, 1065x762mm, 1220x762mm; Lifting height 610-1070mm;

Manual Screw Mandrel Lift Table
▲ Lift table are designed for use in shipping and receiving rooms, warehouse stock rooms ,shops, laboratories, stores, etc.
▲ Each unit comes equipped with steel platform, adjusting knob, base frame, 4” polyurethane casters, and all mounting hardware.
▲ Without hydraulic cylinder, advoid any oil polution.

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