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  • Winch Lift WFA
  • Winch Lift WFA
  • Winch Lift WFA
Winch Lift WFAWinch Lift WFAWinch Lift WFA

Winch Lift WFA

  • 1, Hand Winch Lifter;
  • 2, Easy operation, wheel with brake;
  • 3, With optional lifting height;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 180kg/230kg; Lifting height 2,5-3m/ 1,2-1,8m;

Light Duty Aluminum Winch Lifter
▲ Forks down for lifting goods, Forks up for supporting
▲ Easy Disassembling and assembling .
▲ Can fit into smaller spaces when disassembled.
▲ Equipped with wheels on the mast also allow it to be used as a trolley .
▲ Light Alumium mast, easy for handling.
▲ Lift by winch,no any hydraulic problem.
▲ The best brake function with special design is obvious.