Electric Stacker

  • Counter Banalce FX
Counter Banalce FX

Counter Banalce FX

  • 1, Electric Hydraulic Lifting and Driving;
  • 2, AC/DC Curtis Control driving system, EPS optional;
  • 3,Optional Ergonomic Tiller;
  • 4, 3-year warranty;
  • Product description: Capacity 1000kg; lifting height 2000mm;

Counter Balance Full Electric Pallet Stacker Electric Stacker
▲ The non-straddle lift is ideal for feeding machinery or lifting to docks and mezzanies where base legs could interfere.
▲ Heavy-duty mast can been adjusted to suitable degree.
▲ Forged fork for easy access.
▲ Top quality electronic control system from Cutris.
▲ Conforms to EN1757-1:2001, EN 1726.